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Like best: My journey of Yoga started with Aashi more than a year ago and I haven’t looked back since then. She is so persistent and dedicated towards here work in the sense that she pushes you to be better each day. Each session with her is fun and full of surprises. Never had a dull or a boring session with her. The first thing she asks before starting is, “Do you have pain anywhere?” shows her connection and concern towards the students. Ending the session with some Pranayama, OM chants and Namaskaram really really relaxes the mind, body and soul! She’s the best in town!!


My experience has been really good. Her yoga classes have helped me a lot. She is patient with her clients and provides proper guidance. Day by day I got used to attending her yoga sessions, I feel light in my mind and the body. I also learnt that yoga is not only about yoga poses but also about inner peace. I feel better these days as yoga sessions have become part of my daily routine. ​



I have felt a change in myself after doing yoga under the guidance of Aashi Mam. Like I have started to feel flexible and I have been able to play better basketball. 


I was lazy and didn't have any particular routine to wake up in the morning and was low in energy but adopting yoga it helps me be energetic throughout the day, my concentration power has increased and I am much more focused and conscious now.


My Yoga Experience with Aashi has been fabulous. I enjoy practicing every day and look forward to it even more. I feel relaxed, calm, and more relevant. She is a persistent and very good yoga instructor.

I used to think that yoga is not cup of my tea with a little heavy and stiff body even the simplest asana seems to be tough. But now in her guidance and her routine, I have gained my confidence. My body now seems more light and flexible. It is more because of her way of teaching and motivation ​


 I was suffering from acute lower back pain for quite some time. I came to realize how much additional tension I was accumulating in my body in response to the pain- just the fear of it. Through consistent practice as well as my own morning and evening routine, I have healed my back. 



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